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70% Ethanol ,20L
70% Ethanol ,20L
Anti-Nedd4, Type: Monoclonal, Host: Human, Clone#: A4C8
Catalog #: AM001S

Anti-Nedd4, Type: Monoclonal, Host: Human, Clone#: A4C8, Immunogen: human WW1 Domain (amino acid 192-224), Size: 100ug


Product Anti-human Nedd4 antibody (A4C8)
Cat # AM001S Qty/Pk: 100µg   Made in U.S.A
Description E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase NEDD4 also known as neural precursor cell expressed developmentally down-regulated protein 4 (NEDD-4) is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the NEDD4gene. NEDD4 has been shown to ubiquitinate and therefore down regulate the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) in the collecting ducts of the kidneys, therefore opposing the actions of aldosterone and increasing salt excretion. In Liddle's Syndrome NEDD4 is unable to bind to the ENaC and lead to salt retention and hypertension occur. The recent studies have shown that Nedd4 protein is involved in virus infection. The protein was translocated on the membrane surface of infected cells. This discovery could provide some hope for development of new drugs against viral infection.
Anti-Nedd4 antibody was created by immunization of mouse with human immunogen. The resultant hybridomas were selected. The variable domains were cloned into human IgG1 constant regions and expressed as chimeric antibody from CHO cell line. The antibody was purified with protein G. 
Host Mouse
Immunogen Epitope corresponding to WW1 domain (amino acid 192-224) of human Nedd4 protein.
Clone Monoclonal (A4C8)
Isotype Chimeric IgG1
Conjugation/Label Unconjugated
Specificity Human Nedd4
Reactivity Mouse, Rat and human
 Purity Greater than 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE
Concentration 1.0 mg/ml
Physical appearance Colorless clear solution
Storage condition PBS with 10% glycerol and 0.01% sodium Azide.
Stability Store at 4oC for one month. Aliquot small amount for storage to avoid freezing and thawing cycles and store at -20oC for 12 months.
Application ELISA, WB (1/2,000 dilution), IHC and IP etc.
Regulatory statement For research use only. Not for use as drugs or in diagnostics.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 October, 2014.
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