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70% Ethanol, 1L
70% Ethanol, 1L
BiteProof Mouse Handling Glove
BiteProof Mouse Handling Glove
Sleeve Covers,200 pcs/case
Sleeve Covers,200 pcs/case
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Crystalgen has been focusing on customize products and OEM to meet the needs of today′s rapid development of science. Thanks to years of experience in R&D and know-how in medical material science, we have develop hundreds customize products for the biotech and medical industry. Our medical bio-medical group can develop customized biochemicals, Reagents Buffers, Antibodies, protein and DNA markers. What′s more, we have technology platform to perform anti-cancer drug screening using our patented technology which allows screening thousands of new compounds in a period of short time (High-through-put screening).

In addition, Crystalgen works on metastasis in animal models (cancer mouse models), Metastasis is characterized by the growth of tumors at the secondary sites. It is a long journey of cancer cells, including invasion, intra-vasion, and survival of circulation arrest at secondary sites. However, at present, even the GEP-utilized metastasis models can not reproduce the entire process of the long journey of metastasis. Most industrial cancer models are focus on shrinking the primary tumors but metastasis is the leading killer of cancer patients. Therefore animal models that can effectively produce the entire metastasis process, including the ultimate ship of metastasis, miasmatic growth is invaluable in cancer research in studying the molecular mechanism of malignancy. We have developed a model in a specific kind of SCID Mice that can duplicates the entire metastasis process, particularly in the last step of metastasis outgrowth. Furthermore, the micro-metastases and metastases in blood, liver all can be easily quantified, not just detected.

Our plastic and metal fabrication department fabricates many products. We are capable of producing virtually all types of plastics and metals. We also have the capabilities to produce ANY custom jobs following the exact requirements of your application. Here is a brief list of our custom products: Tank, Racks, Storage Rack Locks, Fittings, Machine, guards, fume hoods, cabinets, chambers gears and thousands of other industrial and laboratory items,

Please telephone or email our customer service department for any special inquiry or more information.

Tel: 800-216-3287

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01.Microcentrifuge Tube // 1.7ml, 500 packet/unit
02.Narrow Drosophila Vials, 25mm, 100/Tray, 500/Case
03.Universal Fit Pipet Tips 0.1-10 ul Sterilized Microfilter Tips // Extra long tips, 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/unit
04.Universal Fit Pipet Tips 1-1000 ul Sterilized Microfilter Tips // Extra-long, up to 1300 ul, 96/rack
05.Universal Fit Pipet Tips 1-200 ul Sterilized Microfilter Tips 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/unit

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